Tommy Robinson

Whether you love him or hate him, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, otherwise known as “Tommy Robinson,” has been a polarizing figure and political activist for some time now.

Much of his activism has been centered around some of the increasing violent and sexual crimes in the UK, which he believes to be largely correlated to mass immigration and Islamic extremism.

Tommy has also been very vocal in trying to expose Government authorities for choosing to systematically ignore much of the reported crimes committed by members of particular immigrant groups, such as rape, in order to maintain harmony with these groups, for the sake of diversity.

The aim of is to take a good look at many of the events of Tommy’s life with the intent of giving the most truthful account of what happened with as much evidence as we can find.

Tommy has certainly had a very turbulent history and has been arrested and jailed on a number of occasions in the past 15 or so years and many of these arrests will be explored on this site in great detail.

It is worth noting that if you try to search for information about Tommy on the internet, you will usually only ever be presented with negative articles from mainstream media (MSM) outlets that do not present the full account of events that Tommy has been involved with and these articles are often written to discredit and dehumanize him to the fullest extent.

This site aims to seek and present the truth with some context to either confirm or debunk much of the information out there that you may have read about him so that you can have a more in-depth understanding of what he stands for and the way he is reported on by the MSM.

Part of the reason that this site has come to fruition is to try to, at very least, tell Tommy’s side of the story, as he has been banned from almost every major social media platform in the world for simply trying to expose crimes and injustice within his home country, and this has made it difficult for him to defend himself and get the right information out there.

Without listening to him speak about his personal experiences growing up in Luton and discussing some of the facts around Islamic extremism, it is difficult to really understand his plight or his motives for why he does what he does.

If you are someone who knows very little about Tommy except for much of the negative press, and would like to get a good understanding of where he is coming from, watching his address at Oxford Union in November 2014 (below) would be a good place to start.

There is no doubt that Tommy has made some mistakes in life, as we all have, but is he the “right-wing, fascist, nazi, thug” that he is often painted as in the media, or does he have valid reason for concern about the safety of his country?

Whether you are a supporter or a hater of Tommy, the only thing that we can ask for from you as visitor of this site is to at least try and take in as much of the context and information to the many events of his life before you pass judgement.

If at all you don’t believe that we have given a true account of events on this site, then please contact us with any conflicting information or evidence so that we can analyze and update our pages accordingly.