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Independent Interviews

During the EDL years Tommy was invited to discuss his views on Islam on many mainstream television shows, usually to try and attack him for his views and mischaracterize him as racist or far-right, however, these types of interviews on major channels became less common over time, as the media became less interested in giving him screen time, usually because he quite often made the presenters look a little uneducated at times.

Thankfully, with the growth of social media and independent journalism and presenters, Tommy has been able to speak freely and usually unedited to get his message out to new audiences across the globe.

Below is a selection of interviews that Tommy has been part of over the years with various presenters that have been interested in listening to his story and his views and allowed him to continue to expose the dangers of Islamic extremism.

Vladtepesblog, 17 May 2012

A phone interview conducted by Vladtepesblog. Tommy talks about the public image of the EDL, the islamization of Britain through local councils and some of the issues facing him personally and other English residents.

Interview, 11 Jun 2013

“Your Opinion Talk Show”, 13 July 2015

Not so much an independent interview but a discussion and debate with Andrew Shah and Imam Javed over whether the UK should change to suit Islam.

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Breitbart London With Raheem Kassam, 11 Sep 2015

Rubin Report, 6 Feb 2016

Sargon Of Akkad Live, 12 May 2016

Louder With Crowder, 14 Jun 2016

Tommy has the opportunity to talk to US presenter, Steven Crowder, about his story., 26 Jun 2016

Interview, 23 Mar 2017

An interview with Tommy one day after the Westminster attack on the 22 Mar 2017. Tommy talks about the ideology behind the attacks and why these attacks are increasing and will continue unless something is done about it.

Live Q&A, 26 Apr 2017, w/Paul Joseph Watson, 30 Jun 2017

Louder With Crowder, 11 Apr 2018

Elsa’s Emporium, 23 May 2018

The Rebel, Sep 2018 (Bitchute)

Tommy talks with Katie Hopkins about growing up in Luton, his upcoming contempt of court trial and what happened that particular day, as well as his time in prison.

Paul Joseph Watson, 26 Nov 2018

Anything Goes with James English, Apr 2020

In this excerpt of the interview with James English, Tommy talks about his contempt of court case and why he thinks he will be going back to jail. Full interview can be found here.