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Young, British and Angry (2010)

A BBC TV documentary that follows the EDL in the early days. Tommy is not present in this video, but Kev Carroll makes a worthy appearance.

Proud And Prejudiced (2012)

A TV movie that follows Tommy Robinson with the EDL and Sayful Islam, who leads extremist Islamic group Al-Muhajiroun in the town of Luton.

Quitting The English Defence League: When Tommy Met Mo (2013)

After leaving the EDL Tommy meets Mo Ansar, a Muslim man that campaigned to ban the EDL, who introduces Tommy to British Muslim life.

The Real Tommy Robinson Ep.1 – Grooming Gangs (2019)

The Real Tommy Robinson Ep.2 – Criminal Convictions (2019)

The Real Tommy Robinson Ep.3 – Persecuted By The State (2019)

Panodrama (2019)

Tommy’s exposé of BBC reporter, John Sweeney, attempting to get a former employee of Tommy’s to conjure up fake stories about him. This video was banned on YouTube and other social media platforms along with Tommy’s social profiles on these platforms shortly after its release.

The Rape Of Britain (2020) (Bitchute)

A speech given by Tommy in Russia, that outlines the massive cover-up and complicity of the British State in hiding the rape and torture of 1000’s of young British girls over the past couple of decades. A real eye-opening presentation.

Samhällsnytt Swedish Tommy Robinson Documentary (2020) (Bitchute)

An in-depth documentary that focuses on the Islamization of Luton and Tommy’s experiences growing up.