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BBC Radio 5 Interview, 4 Jan 2010

Tommy talks about what the EDL stand for and why they were formed and discusses the message that Islamic extremist Anjem Choudary is bringing across with his organization Islam4UK and the march that is planned in Wootton Bassett.

BBC Three Counties Radio, Dec 2010

Tommy talking about the problem of Islamic radicalization in his home town of Luton, including the Stockholme bombers.

BBC Three Counties Radio, 26 May 2011

Tommy discussing the Euro MEP’s visit to Luton on an anti-racism campaign.

BBC Three Counties Radio, 26 July 2011

Tommy is questioned on the link of the EDL and Norway terrorist Anders Breivik and whether the EDL are a dangerous organization. The presenter calls the Tommy and the EDL “far-right” but cannot explain why.

5 Live Radio, 26 Jul 2011

Tommy being questioned again on Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik and his links to the EDL. Debating with Maajid Nawaz from the Quillium Foundation.

BBC Radio 2, 26 July 2011

Tommy again being questioned on the link between terrorist Anders Breivik and the EDL.

BBC Radio 4, 8 Sep 2011

A discussion about Islamic extremism and homegrown terrorists from Luton with many contributors to the conversation, including Tommy and Sayful Islam.

BBC Radio West Midlands, 22 Oct 2011

With the EDL planning a rally in Birmingham, Waseem Zafar, a councillor from Birmingham, gives his case for why the EDL march should not go ahead with Tommy getting the chance to discuss his reasons for returning to the town.

BBC Radio West Midlands, 24 Oct 2011

Tommy returns to talk more about some of the issues facing Birmingham before a scheduled demonstration.

BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester, 29 Mar 2012

The EDL cancel their march through Redditch that was planned for Easter due to a clash with a “multi-Christian faith” event happening at that time. The local pastor believes that this is not done out of respect but merely a publicity stunt.

Tommy calls to explain why they have chosen Redditch as place to hold a march.

Talk FM Spain, 3 Apr 2012

A debate with Tommy and Islamist Anjem Choudary discussing Sharia law in the UK.

Part 1

Part 2

Tommy presses Anjem on the issue of the sexual age of a girl within Islam.

BBC Bristol, 3 Jul 2012

A discussion about extremism prior to the planned demo in Bristol on the 14th of July.

BBC Radio Sheffield, 4 Oct 2012

An interview prior to the demo in Rotherham where the presenter questions a United Against Fascism member and Tommy about the motives for their activism. The radio presenter seems to disagree with both men’s point of view in this broadcast and thinks that both organizations are thugs.

BBC 3 Counties Radio, 29 May 2013

An interview following an EDL demo held in Downing St, London, days prior.

BBC News, 10 Jun 2013

Condemning attacks on Muslims and talking about some of the changes that he would like to see made to combat extremism.

LBC, 17 Jun 2013

Tommy has a discussion on LBC about Islam and terrorism with Muslim leader Fiyaz Mughal.

Near FM Dublin, 2 July 2013

Tommy discusses some of the Islamic ideology that extremist Muslims use to justify some of the crimes that are committed by these extremists.

BBC 3 Counties Radio, 9 Oct 2013

A BBC radio presenter is taking calls from his listeners about whether they take Tommy Robinson seriously, (a day after leaving the EDL) so Tommy drives to the studio to have a chat.


BBC Three Counties Radio, 12 Oct 2013

Tommy makes his way down to the studio again after being messaged by his family to address the issues that have been bought up by callers live on the day.

LBC, 23 Mar 2015

Tommy talks a bit about life after the EDL and his association Afzal Amin, a Conservative candidate for Dudley North who seemed to be involved in some shady business.

LBC, 15 Mar 2016

Tommy phones in to talk to LBC presenter James O’Brien about how Muslim extremists are using the prison system to convert inmates to Islam and creating British homegrown terrorists in the process.

LBC, 23 Mar 2016

Tommy makes a surprise call into LBC to talk to Ian Collins to discuss Islam, a day after a series of co-ordinated suicide bombers attacked Belgium. Tommy shows off his knowledge of Islamic doctrine when challenged by a caller.

The Wayne Dupree Show, 28 Mar 2017

A radio interview with US presenter Wayne Dupree about the dangers of Islamic extremism from his own experiences in Luton.

LCB, 9 Apr 2017

Tommy makes a surprise call to Maajid Nawaz on his broadcast to have a discussion about extremism.

2GB AUS, 28 Apr 2017

An interview with Ben Fordham, on Australian radio station 2GB. Tommy describes how everything that he has been warning against for years, has happened and is only beginning to be addressed by some authorities now, despite his ideas being shot down for so long.

BBC 3 Counties Radio, 10 May 2016

A furious Tommy Robinson calls in to oppose the term “Subhan Allah” being displayed on buses on for Muslim charity, Islamic relief. A director of the charity Martin Cottingham is exposed to have very little knowledge of Islam on air. Host: Jonathan Vernon-Smith.

TalkRadio, 20 Jun 2017

Tommy talks with presenter Paul Ross, again re-iterating the link between terrorist attacks and Islamic ideology. Yet another presenter that refuses to see this connection.